Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm Back

Hello. After four years away, I am returning to my blog. I am back to document all my complicated emotions around trying to be a published writer. It helps me, even though this blog is one in a million, in a world where blogs already feel outdated, to document the mental stages that go with sending a piece of fiction you have slaved for years on out into the universe.

I have noticed that people who have done it recognize the wild look in my eyes, the combination of hyperactivity, joy and paranoia that course through me like an electric charge.

Today, this is all I can get down.

But I guess the most important piece of information to launch this latest round of blogs is that I did it: I finished a novel, got an agent, and last week it went out to publishers.

That was a goal, a goal that was so important to me I held it deep inside and only danced around the edges of it for my whole adult life, being a journalist so I would have to write every day, taking fiction classes at night to make me write short stories, befriending novelists I wanted to be, marrying  a writer so we could be a writing couple, and of course, always, always, always reading.

Tomorrow, more details on the joy, and the struggle.

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